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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • What programmes do you have?
    We offer Diploma and Certificate in Ministry Studies, and Certificate in Church Administration. We also provide tailor-made trainings and research services for faith-based groups and churches.
  • Are credits transferrable?
    We have common understanding with many evangelical/pentecostal/charismatic Bible training institutions that may exempt you from courses already studied at LBTI. This recognition for prior learning helps you enroll for further studies and complete those studies in short periods of time. This arrangement is purely the prerogative of the institution you want to transfer the credits to.
  • How much are the fees?
    After K100 application fee, Diploma programmes’ registration and tuition amount to: K2,900 ($200) without the optional mission trip, and K3,400 with the mission trip. After the K100 ($5) application fee, Certificate programmes are K1,700 ($100). For more details on the fees, see fee structure and installment plan here: Occasionally, we do announce scholarships and bursaries that are sponsored by our partners. Look out for this on our website and social media handles. Tailor-made trainings and services are costed on need-basis.
  • What documents do I need to apply?
    You will need to fill out an application form, attaching copy of latest educational certificate and copy of national ID e.g. NRC, driver's license, passport, etc and passport-size photo. Later, you will ask your recommenders to submit two recommendations (one from your local church, and another from a spouse/relative). Links to these forms will be provided. They can also be accessed on our website.
  • I want to apply. How can I?
    You can fill the form here:
  • What are the courses under each programme?
    Diploma in Ministry Studies: Digging Around, Fundamental Bible Doctrines, Christian Basics / A Sure Foundation, Believer’s Identity, Life of Jesus, How to Hear God, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, In Spirit and Truth, Ministry of Jesus, Children & Youth Ministry, Fundamentals of Teaching, Church History, Hermeneutics, Pneumatology, Ministry Administration & Financial Management, Homiletics (Elective), Introduction to Church Planting (Elective), Five-fold Ministry, Strategic Planning Essentials, Effective Leadership, Pastoral Ministry (Elective), Ministry of Helps (Elective), Marriage, Family & Ministry, Life of Prayer, Ministry Ethics and Conduct, Practical Applications of Ministry, Evangelist/itinerant Ministry/Missions (Elective), Introduction to Counselling (Elective), Eschatology, Research Project, Mission Trip (optional), Church Service. Certificate in Ministry Studies: Digging Around, Fundamental Bible Doctrines, Christian Basics / A Sure Foundation, Believer’s Identity, Life of Jesus, How to Hear God, Old Testament Survey, New Testament Survey, Pneumatology, Life of Prayer, Effective Leadership, Pastoral Ministry (Elective), Ministry of Helps (Elective), Marriage, Family & Ministry, Ministry Ethics and Conduct, Practical Applications of Ministry, Church Service Hours. Certificate in Church Administration: Christian Basics / A Sure Foundation, Business Communication and Knowledge Management, Church Mission, Core Church Services, Introduction to Church Leadership, Church Governance, Church Planting, Constitution, Policies and Procedures, Legal and Statutory Issues, Introductory Human Resource Management, Ministry Ethics and Conduct, Succession Planning, Event Planning, Administrative Procedures & Financial Management, Introduction to Strategic Planning, Technology and Ministry, In Spirit and Truth, Church Service Hours.
  • How long are these programmes?
    Certificate programmes are 9 months, and Diploma programmes are 18 months (One and half years). Our seminars, workshops and conferences vary in the number of hours or days from one event to the other.
  • I want to physical come to your institute. How do I?
    You do not need to. By design, ours is an online establishment that offers flexibility for students as well as staff. All our services ca be accessed online. While we have a registered office in Chelstone, Lusaka, Zambia, our thrust is the provision of online lessons. Our 90/10 policy entails that we have 90% classes delivered online, with 10% physical through weekend-long residentials (optional). We usually hold these residentials at the University of Zambia.
  • Can I have classes physically?
    You will need a smart phone, laptop or tablet to access the online classes. Our blended learning facilitates 90% online learning and 10% physical residential sessions. This blended approach maximises technology and ensures we have physical fellowship too. The physical residential sessions are usually held at the University of Zambia during weekends outlined in our calendar, and are optional for students who cannot travel to Lusaka. If you are looking for a school that offers physical classes, we are happy to make recommendations.
  • But I do not belong to any church...
    LBTI places high premium on its relationship with the local church. We believe every Christian is called to BELONG to a local assembly where they are discipled and where they serve. Because we appreciate the role of a local church family in the maturity of the believer, we require our students to belong to a Bible-believing church. We require a pastoral recommendation from your church in the application process.
  • Who are the instructors?
    Our institute boasts of instructors that are not only trained by world-renowned Bible institutions, but are called in the field of their instruction. This gives the student a rare package of evidence-based information that transforms them for the better. Our curriculum has a foundation in the Bible and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. At LBTI, we don’t just offload information, we let the Word and the Spirit agree in the lives of the students as they experience practical transformation.
  • When is the next graduation ceremony?
    Graduation ceremonies are meant to celebrate your success and announce you to the world. Our charter class will be due for graduation in August, 2023.
  • What kind of paper will I receive?
    For those undertaking the examinable classes, they receive a Diploma or Certificate in Ministry or Certificate in Church Administration. Those that opt for the continuous ministry development workshops receive a certificate of completion. Regardless of the path one chooses, the education is much more beneficial than the paper.
  • Will you ordain me?
    No. We work in harmony with the local church. We will train you. Your local church MAY ordain you. We will provide proof of your training. It is your church's mandate and prerogative to ordain you or not. Regardless, we believe training does provide better clarity in one's life purpose and/or ministry.
  • Is LBTI accredited?
    There has been no accreditation for Christian studies in Zambia as this was left to the faith groups. LBTI is an independent vocational Bible training institute duly registered to operate under Zambian law. Due to our evangelical foundation, we are prospectively affiliated to the Evangelical Fellowship of Zambia (EFZ). Our curriculum is adapted to international qualification frameworks and we pride in a robust quality assurance system. With the amendment of the University Act in Zambia in 2022, we will soon announce update on this. Guaranteed, LBTI offers a curriculum of international repute.
  • Is LBTI for me?
    We think so. Pray about it, and allow the unction of the Holy Spirit to guide you. We believe investing in your training is a wonderful way of exercising faith and engaging in preparation for God-ordained calling. If you're looking for amazing Bible schools that offer physical instruction, we can gladly make recommendations that will bless your Christian walk!
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